Acts 4:32 “And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own; but all things were common property to them. (33) And with great power the apostles were giving witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all. (34) For there was not a needy person among them, for all who were owners of land or houses would sell them and bring the proceeds of the sales, (35) and lay them at the apostles feet; and they would be distributed to each as any had need.”

The Lord laid this upon my heart more than 10 years ago. I felt that God was leading me to help families that were struggling just to survive. Our vision at Heart of Love is to help the body of Christ in any way that we can. We want to reach out to the house hold of faith with love both in a practical and spiritual way. Our ministry is connecting with other ministries to reaching out to the community by providing food, constructing houses, helping with children’s education and of course with teaching and preaching of the word of God. This new area of ministry called “Sharing among Believers” is designed to help individual families by adoption. A church or family would be willing to adopt a family here in Mexico that is in need of a friend and financial help just to survive in this life. All of us need a friend and a future and we find this in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ but as the body of Christ it is our responsibility to reach out to the house hold of faith that are less fortunate with any help that we are able to give. The families that are chosen to receive help are believers and Wendy and I are in relationship with them.



If you adopt a family, this is what we would be asking you to do:

  1. First of all you would receive a picture of the family and where they live so that you would be able to see there faces to pray for them and there living conditions.

  2. You will receive there names, ages, and birthdates so that on there birthdays you could send a card wishing them a happy birthday. A present is optional but would be nice.( As of October 2007 We have One who is 16 and is in school, the other 2 are 5 and 7 and we are helping the mother until she can get on her feet and provide for her children. They are also in school. We haven't found any sponsors yet for any of the children so if anyone would like to help it would be greatly appreciated. I will be taking some pictures of the different classes that we have and sending them to you).

  3. We are asking that at least once a year you would buy each family member a new set of clothes. (Including pants/dress or skirt, shirt/blouse, socks and under clothes, shoes, etc.)

  4. We are asking that you correspond with the family by letter or card several times a year. How often, is your choice, but 4 or 5 times a year would be nice. (I would translate your letters if you are not able to write in Spanish.)

  5. At Christmas time we are asking that you send a gift that has been wrapped to each member of the family. (How much you spend on each gift is up to you)

  6. We are asking, only if you are able, to help with improving there living conditions in some way each year that they are your adopted family. For example some will need a new roof on there small homes (average size being 14x15 feet some a little bigger others a little smaller), a concrete floor, some furniture, etc.

  7. If you are able we would like to ask for monthly support for the family. The families that we will be helping are very poor even by Mexico standards. One example is a family that we know of consists of a mom and 3 children. They live in the country with no father for support, (he left for another women), the whole family works for the same man and they make $10.00 a week total. They have no electricity, no water and they live in deplorable conditions. She is a believer as are her children. She is not bitter does not feel sorry for herself she does the best she can in the life that she has. What ever help you were able to give, would help them. In fact we are not asking for a large amount of monthly support. 20 to 30 dollars or less a month would be fine.


James 1:27 tells us “This pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in their distress….” I believe that an orphan is one that does not have a father in the home and a widow can be a woman that does not have a husband because of death or abandonment. I hope that you have been challenged to think about this ministry. My God richly bless you as you pray and seek his face in this matter.

Together we can change lives,

Dale and Wendy
Open Heart  Ministries


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