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Pastors Sandy and Doyla Shaw have been the Pastors of Believers Faith Fellowship since it was established in September of 1982. Pastors Sandy and Doyla Shaw are committed to church and mission ministry. Pastor Sandy was brought up a Christian home where the church was an integral part of everyday life. Pastor Doyla was raised in a Pastors home. Both share the calling to minister and build the local church.

After receiving the call to preach Pastor Sandy began  ministering at 17. Pastors Sandy and Doyla have serve in a variety of different jobs in the ministry. They have traveled 7 1/2 years as evangelist. They have directed youth camps several years and have pastored several churches They have been involved in Mission work in all their years of ministry. They have traveled in several countries of the world and have many invitations to several more countries.

They have been married over 30 years and have three children. Andrea, Kristian and Michael.